Directory Sign Up and Role Permisions


I’m attempting to get Directory Member Roles working but am not having much luck.

My desired state is:

1. Someone can signup (Directory Member Not Paid) and add a listing but can’t publish it.

2. Someone can upgrade and become a paid member which means that they can publish it themselves.

Ideally I would want anyone who has signed up (paid or not paid) to only add 1 listing. Publication would only occur via an admin after content review and confirmation of payment.

My current state:

When a new user ‘Signs Up’ and logs in all seems ok. They are assigned the ‘Directory Member Not Paid’ role. However, when they click on ‘Add Listing’ they just get taken to the “…/signin/?” page where it lets them know they are logged in. The ‘Go to Profile’ page also says they don’t have permission.

I strongly suspect that the new user does not have permission to ‘create_listings’. So potentially this is just a settings issue.

Note: When logged in as an ADMIN the Add Listing and Go to Profile buttons work as intended.

My Question:

Given the above and further background below can anyone suggest what additional things I need to do or change or whatever? Such that a new user who signs up as a non paying member can create_listings.



Further background:

I’m using the latest plugin version ( on a single site using the Directory theme with some mods in a child. The site is under construction and only has testing data, you can see it here: (if you attempt to signup you should see the issue I describe above).

Some related settings are:

Within Listings Settings – General:

Assign Members Role = ‘Directory Member Not Paid’

Available Directory Status Options are: Only Pending Review and Draft are ticked.

Within Listings Settings – Capabilities:

Directory Member Not Paid can View, View Private, Add, Edit, Edit Private, Upload

Within Listings Settings – Payments/Payment Types:

I have a PayPal sandbox setup but have not yet tested. Paypal is ticked within select payment gateways.

Enable Credits is not ticked. But enable recurring and one-time payments are.


? Membership = Anyone can register is ticked.

? New User Default Role = Directory Member Not Paid.

  • timbryden
    • Flash Drive

    Please note: The reason a new member can even see the ‘add listing’ button is because within the child version of actionbox.php I have edited out the following lines.

    <?php /* <?php if ( current_user_can(‘create_listings’:wink: ): ?> */ ?>

    All members should be able to add a listing.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings timbryden,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Have you adjusted the permissions/capabilities for the different roles by any chance? While logged into the admin dashboard go to Listings –> Settings –> Capabilities –> and making the applicable changes to the relative roles using the drop down box to select the role and then its capabilities thereafter saving changes?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • timbryden
    • Flash Drive


    As mentioned the roles do already have appropriate capabilities set:

    “:Within Listings Settings – Capabilities:

    Directory Member Not Paid can View, View Private, Add, Edit, Edit Private, Upload”

    I would have thought that adding the “add listing” capability would mean the role could add listings… but apparently something is missing.


  • timbryden
    • Flash Drive

    How does support work?

    When using the additional plug-in “User Role Editor” and selecting the ‘Directory Member Non Paid’ role I see the following list of Custom capabilities. I note there is no ‘Add Listing’ capability??? Interestingly… when I give that role all permissions it can add a listing etc. so it is a settings issue…. but given the LACK of documentation and support I guess I’ll just work it out myself… again.

    Delete listing

    Delete listings

    Delete others listings

    Delete post

    Delete private listings

    Delete published listings

    Edit listing

    Edit listings

    Edit others listings

    Edit post

    Edit private listings

    Edit published listings

    Publish listings

    Read listing

    Read listings

    Read post

    Read private listings

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Tim and MTB1701,

    @mtb1701 it would be great if you could come up with that conversation you had with Arnold – benefiting other members I am sure.

    @tim until March of this year there was no documentation at all for anything, but the prior year that I was just a regular member I submitted a total of eight tickets in that year and built a small empire of sites. As a matter of fact prior to joining WPMU DEV I had not messed with WordPress since around 2004/2005 when it was a completely different product.

    You indeed mentioned there was no documentation, but if that is indeed true then what is this? It has been there for months.

    Every plugin has a home page and a usage tab and almost every plugin has some documentation. I admit though that documenting all these plugins and themes has been quite the chore for support, a monumental task, and we are improving them with time. Rome was not built in a day and my Boss has made a great effort to help get documentation implemented compared to relatively a short time ago there was none, zero, zippo, zilcho.

    I am happy that you are figuring things out on your own in which you have a first hand access to whats going on with your particular installation unlike the support team for the most part having to get a vision of what the member is referring to.

    Your learning curve for each item will increase as well as your knowledge base making you a better developer and more of an asset to you and your clients if you indeed have clients.

    Nothing beats hands on practical knowledge in all events.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    @timbryden @aecnu

    I will dig through my archives later this morning, was about to explain them, but the list provided “see snip shot” seem a lot longer then i recall!

    So i will log into my site, and and compare what i have with the list then look for that chat, i just checked my Arnold file and found the per-typed questions, but i do not see the Chat archive, i usually save!

    Non the less i will look at my settings, but i imagine what is confusing you @timbryden is the “privet” listings, these are listings that are password protected, so if you just take them out of the equation, it is much simpler to figure out. the add listing you are referring to is not in this option because anyone can create a listing once signed up (So i Think), the button for add listing will be in the Nav menu or you can use short code to place it!

    See what you can do with the information i provided, AND this link:

    then i will try and fill in the gaps!

    Also be of good cheer because Arnold is scheduled for live chat at 1:pm EST tomorrow so in about 28 hours. :slight_smile:


    Be Blessed!

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