Directory and multisite compatibilty issues

I’ve had a lot of patience with this plugin over the last year waiting and waiting for it to be finished, but the fact that it’s still having problems and they are supposed to have been addressed and they still don’t work right, it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I have paid plenty of money to you guys in good faith.

Here’s the latest issues.

I’m using Directory 2.05, Affiliate 2.4.5 (Goign to upgradde to 2.4.6 to see if it helps with some issues)

SUBSITE.DOMAIN.COM > Listings > Capabilities

I have disabled and re-enabled the plugin hoping maybe it is fixed on instantiation. I thought maybe the problem was that on my subsite I hadn’t added in the paypal information yet, so I added in my sandbox information and saved it, but to no avail the problem persists. How do I get the Directory User Paid, and Directory User Unpaid Member to show up on a subsite? Right now users are unable to be added on subsites when they sign up because of this.

SUBSITE.DOMAIN.COM > Listings > Affiliate

This feature will be available only after installation the Affiliate plugin and activation the Directory add-on there.

More information about the Affiliate plugin you can get here.

Please activate:

1. The Affiliate plugin – Completed

2. The Directory add-on in the Affiliate plugin (Notice it says not completed here?)

NETWORK ADMIN > Dashboard > Affiliates > Manage Addons

Addon Name Addon File Active

Addon Name Addon File Active

Directory add-on by Andrey Shipilov (Incsub)

Affiliate system plugin for the WordPress Directory plugin

directory.php Active


On the signup page you can select “Credit Card” as a signup option, but the authorize.NET modules aren’t configurable under payment types anymore, all I see is Free Listings and Paypal. It only shows up on the “One time Payment” page. Why is this showing up now?