Directory Support add custom category and show search form in the main page

Hi Support,

We had purchased wpmu premium subscription for a month. However, we found it is hard to accomplished what we had discussed before.
My username that purchased is seewaiyeoh

Below is the link:

How do I hide, the post on date and author name?
I also install CustomPress
And how do I add city and allow search in the same page?


I had asked the per-sales questions as below and answer by your sales team to help you understand our need:

Thanks for the nice example, that really help in term of understand how the flow goes by my personal experience. It is because of the screen shot you only have 1 listing, we cannot imagine how it work in paging and multiple listing be displayed.

I've created a couple of listings to better demonstrate this to you :slight_smile: Please check my attached screenshots. As you will note, pagination will be also visible on users profiles (BuddyPress)

Q2: We would like to have kind of advance search like country, city, gender those type of search and base on the custom field. I am not sure the plugin you reference can have a page to do accomplish the goal or not. And also the search result need to be the same like listing, to have the consistency.

Through CustomPress, you will create those additional custom fields, that users will use while creating their listing. If for example you have a field for 'city' and a classifieds defines that with a value (ex. Paris), when creating an advanced search, a user will be able to search values for that specific field, which will be 'city'.

So this is definitely possible to achieve.

Q3. Multiple directory, I would refer to, e.g We would like to have Music Directory (they have their own fields), Arts Directory (Different field Type), Dance Directory, and Location Directory but still in the same WP site but different page.

Sure, all you have to do is to create different custom post types through CustomPress. One for Music, Arts, Dance and so on. So all the 'special' fields will be tied specifically for each type of custom post type.

As for displaying different 'listing types' in a page, you could even handle this through Classifieds Categories (similar on how you would do with posts). Would that work for you?

Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards.