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Is it possible to create a directory such that all data will be stored in the main installation e.g. and people can also browse or search the listings from there.

However, they can also go to a specific location for e.g. which will then show all the listings from Mumbai, India only.

Further, they will then be able to perform a search on specific areas in Mumbai e.g. Fort, Bandra, Andheri etc...

I can't recall, but I have seen this is some local website but its targeted to US & Canada only.



  • Kimberly
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    Hi and Thanks for using WPMUdev forums!

    Our Marketpress plugin currently has a feature close to what you are describing. It allows global shortcodes on the main site that list the products on all the sub-sites.

    This would be a very useful Directory feature! Ours does not offer this at the moment, however I will see if anyone else is looking for something similar and notify the developer :slight_smile:



    Arnold: could we consider adding Global Shortcodes to Directory, like the ones Marketpress offers?

  • Alok Sharma
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    Ok, so what exactly this global shortcodes does?

    And will it allow the people to browse or search listings by limiting them to the regions?

    BTW, I found one such script but its a classifieds script which has this feature. Please visit and select a region in the left side column of the web page. You can drill down the regions until you reach a last level region.

    The region filter works like this:

    1) If you haven't selected any region, all the listings will be shown.
    2) If you have selected a country, then all the listings from that country will be shown.
    3) If you have selected a country > state, then all the listings from that country > state will be shown.
    4) If you have selected a country > state > city, then all the listings from the country > state > city will be shown.

    Also, note how the URL changes as you keep drilling down the regions.

    Irrespective of the regional level you are currently at, you can further narrow the results by selecting a category.

    I choose WP because I can tag the listings. For e.g. some business listings would have multiple tags. Tags are basically products / services that a listing offers.

    This is something that I am trying to achieve with WP.



  • Kimberly
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    You will be able to acheive this within WP, you will just need to find the correct way to do so :slight_smile:

    Our Directory plugin will only allow one parent at this time, meaning you cannot create a Directoy listing with more than one sub-directory listing.

    i.e. you create directory called "Plants" you can only have subdirectories of Flowers and Vegetable and Fruit Plants. You cannot create further directories for Flowers or the others.

    The global shortcodes as I metioned are only available in the Marketpress Plugin. These allow you to list the items from all of your subsites (,, and thus will not do what you are asking here. My apologies for the mixup.

    You can use our CustomPress plugin to create your own Directory Structure. However be warned that will be labor intesive. I beleive that the developer for Directory is knee deep in upgrading so perhaps you can see what he comes up with in the coming weeks?

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