Direstorypress vs. directory(wpmudev)


I would like to ask you is someone have experience with comparing these two directory listing plug-ins. I use right now older Directorypress v.5 and I would like to know the difference.

FYI. Directorypress plug-in link http://www.directorypress.net/ have in my opinion more features to set-up.

I know that there is new release coming - directory v.2 (now beta).

Does anyone compare these two plug-ins?


  • graphitewpmud
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    since youre using directorypress, may I ask a couple ques?

    If you had a running website and then introduce the theme/plugin, does it just use the categories you already may have in your site to list them - you know just the look? Or does it need the taxonomy and custom post brought in?

  • paulgregory
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Well, I've used both and I have access to DirectoryPress 6.2.2 and WPMUDev Directory 1.0.7; I'll put my thoughts together once I've also tried WPMUDev Directory 2.

    One quick thing first for @graphitewpmud : In DirectoryPress, directory entries replace Posts rather than using an additional post type, so - yes existing Categories are used. However, all your existing posts become directory entries. Presumably this is because the plugin pre-dates Custom Post Types. I think it's horrific in this day and age and I was very disappointed that this approach is still used in DP v6.

    On the other hand, the fact that WPMUDev Directory 1.0.7 uses custom post types is about the only thing in its favour - it's very basic.

    I don't love either of them.

  • graphitewpmud
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    thanks paulgregory, I run a site with 20000 posts already indexed on google...different categories and everything

    If I now use the directory plugin, I think I will have to convert these posts & categories to custom post types and taxonomies - wonder how can I still use the plugin from here without having to change my urls...

  • paulgregory
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    There are some import options in WPMUDev Directory 1 which are not in 2. There is no upgrade path (yet). It's possible to use the built-in WP export/import and a text-editor search/replace to solve some problems (make lots of back-ups, and test on non-live copies obviously).

    @graphitewpmud There are two ways of reading your situation - either you have a site with categorised blog posts and you don't want to use those categories for a new directory feature, or you have a site with categorised posts which already form a directory.

    If it's the former, then I'd run your directory as a separate WP site (eg with multi-site).
    If the latter, then I would strongly suggest you step back and look at what functionality you want from the directory plugin and see how you can achieve that in another way - even if it will reduce the level of automation.

    One of the issues both systems have is with "claiming" an existing entry. It's easy to assume that a directory entry for ABC Ltd can be edited by someone from ABC - but if it's pre-existing, it's not associated with their account!

    So if you have a working, well-indexed "directory" site, I'd personally focus on adding a facility for people to *request* and pay for updates and additions, which you would then manually apply. It's a bit of a cop-out, but it removes a lot of the existing-entry headaches and removes the risk of screwing up your functioning site. Also, it means you can moderate each entry BEFORE it goes live and stop people deliberately putting stuff in the wrong place (like premium-only links in a standard listing).

    The idea of a site that takes payments and lets users add their own content while you sleep or sip cocktails by the pool is a great one. But you can spend a lot of time and money getting to that stage and STILL need human intervention. In many situations it will be better to simply add/edit the entries when someone pays. Indeed, the more human curation there is of the directory, the more it is likely to be found worthy by users.

  • paulgregory
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Well, I've now tried DirectoryPress 6.2.2, WPMUDev Directory 1.0.7 and WPMUDev Directory 2 Beta 5 - so here's my comparison.

    It seems fair to say that DirectoryPress "converts" WordPress into a Directory site, rather than adding directory functionality to WP. In my opinion this throws away a lot of the benefits of using WP. I'm really not at all happy with the way that directory entries are not a custom post type.

    In 6.2.2 you can add Articles using an Article Manager section, which I think does use custom post types. This appears to have been added more recently.

    As I said before, the fact that WPMUDev Directory 1.0.7 uses custom post types is just about the only thing in its favour - it's very basic.

    It's odd, but while DirectoryPress adapts posts, a directory entry feels different to a post. WPMUDev Directory uses a custom post type, but ends up with directory entries that look a lot like posts (even with a "posted on" time).

    What DirectoryPress gets right is the levels of directory entry. Directories need lots of entries to look like a useful directory. This means, in most circumstances, pre-populating with some free information. DirectoryPress allows free entries, so that what companies are paying for is an enhanced listing. Much like the phone book. To this end, it is possible to add extra fields which are only available at certain subscription levels. Indeed, some are tricked up to do fancy-ish things like show a Google Map.

    WPMUDev Directory (1.0.7 or 2 Beta 5) just lets people pay for the ability to add entries. Yes, Admin can add some for free, but there's no listings upgrades. In 1.0.7 you can add Custom Fields (hidden under Content Types) but not restrict who gets to use them. In 2 Beta 5 you can only add Custom Fields by adding them in your theme - and as far as I can tell this reduced functionality is intended for the final release.

    DirectoryPress has a pretty decent sales pages to encourage sign up, which you can customise to an extent. In WPMUDev Directory, clicking Sign Up just leads to a choice of price and the terms.

    WPMUDev Directory does have two features that DirectoryPress does not:
    1) A star review system
    2) Reviews

    However, the star review system is currently flawed in that it has no means whatsoever of preventing someone from reloading the page and giving another 5 star rating. "Reviews" is really just Comments with some different terminology in the theme - and these are carried through to posts and pages.

    In short, WPMUDev Directory contains the *bare minimum* features to qualify as a directory site plugin. DirectoryPress, although it makes a large technical faux-pas, is a turn-key solution for a directory site.

    I get the impression that you're not actually expected to use WPMUDev Directory's included theme without making modifications. A lot of changes are needed to it, not least to remove the ambiguity over the "Sign Up" links - DirectoryPress's "Add Listing" is much more understandable.

    It's possibly easier to integrate WPMUDev Directory into another theme, but that's mainly because it does less. For example, entry editing in WPMUDev Directory is done in wp-admin. DirectoryPress uses nice front-end editor screens which can be styled to match your site.

    So, DirectoryPress is the more mature product. WPMUDev Directory seems just to be a variation on the standard WPMUDev product of "members pay some money to use bits of the WP backend".

    Moreover, because in WPMUDev Directory members pay to gain the Add Listings user capability, they appear to be able to list an unlimited number of directory entries.

    With the current beta, there's no expiry of listings after a membership subscription ends (it's a todo in the code), so listings would remain in place forever (or at least until you update the plugin).

    As a recap:

    Good Things In DirectoryPress 6.2.2 but not WPMUDev Directory 1.07 or 2 Beta:
    * Functional, unconfusing theme
    * Charge is per listing not per user
    * Levels of directory entry; pay more for greater detail
    * Google Maps
    * Image Uploads
    * Does not enforce a /listings/ prefix to URLs (admittedly because it abuses Posts).

    Good Things In WPMUDev Directory 1.07 but not 2 Beta:
    * Easy custom field addition

    In WPMUDev Directory 1.07 and 2 Beta but not DirectoryPress 6.2.2:
    * Uses a custom post type for directory entries
    * Includes a theme that changes Comment to Add Review (regardless of page type).

    If you want a directory site ASAP, and have no need for WP posts, use DirectoryPress. If you want a bit of a leg-up in the general direction of a directory site, try WPMUDev Directory.

    If you can't code, use DirectoryPress. If you can code a bit, you may be able to work with WPMUDev Directory if the key difference fits with your idea of a profitable directory site.

    And that key difference, just to restate it, is:
    DirectoryPress - charges (for a length of time) to enhance each listing
    WPMUDev Directory - charges to grant access (for a length of time) to the infinite creation of listings

    On the plus side, the WPMUDev support staff do answer questions and pass feedback back to the developer, so you can help shape the plugin but this key difference is pretty fundamental.

    I hope this helps anyone considering both plugins.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Paul,

    Just wanted to thank you for the thorough and honest review here as well.

    Our Directory plugin is really new (even though we're pushing out the 2.0 version) and also had the unfortunate experience of getting abandoned when we lost the original developer. This also led to the lapse in updates and current track of going with a 2.0 version. I understand some features may seem more limited, but the codebase itself allows us to extend it more easily in the future.

    We base all of our development here 100% on what our users are asking for and the feedback you provide here (and on the 2.0 beta thread) really help dictate that.

    Folks, if there are features you don't see that you'd like added, just post up a new thread in the feedback/feature request forum. We monitor that and encourage every member to add their own +1s to ideas that they also value. We're listening and we will respond :slight_smile:

    Thanks again!

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