Disable 1 plugin on 1 sub-site, via phpMyAdmin?

Hi, I’m having a problem where 1 sub-site on my multisite is inaccessible (just the admin) do to a redirection loop. It appears a plugin needed to update the database and for some reason this has stopped or had some sort of error. Sometimes the resulting URL ends in “admin.php?wcs_upgrade_step=1” I assume this points to a plugin (possibly WooCommerce) trying to finish a database update or something. I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to deactivate plugins that are only activated on that site, from phpMyAdmin? The other sites on the network run fine, so the network activated plugins are unlikely to be the problem.

If I could just deactivate those enabled only on this sub-site, I’d be able to see if that fixed the problem, then narrow it down to one plugin and further troubleshoot. But since I can’t access the admin for that site, I’m not sure of any other way to do it, than deleting the plugin’s folder(s). But I’d rather not do that, since some may be activated on more than one sub-site.