Avatars for Multisite: Disable cropping

I'm using Avatars for Multisite Version 3.5.6 on WP3.2. I would like to disable the forced cropping step, (using a hook if possible), as I need to provide avatars that are not square.

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    I see, but how does the copping proportions get determined. I have set the media settings to use 200x100 for thumbnails, but still, when I upload an avatar and get to the crop screen, the crop tool forces a square ratio. Can I change that, either hooking to a filter, og changing some code in the plugin?

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    ok. what's the scope of support I get from WPMUDEV as a pemium subscriber? I'm not sure really, It's being advertised as 'like having your own developer', of course I understand that thats not possible for the price, and I'm not expecting anything like that, but I'd like to know what kind of support you provide here. I would've thought tat the kind of question I had here was within scope. What I mean is, that the developers of the avatars plug-in should be able to point me in the direction of where to look at the cropping functionality in order to modify it. WordPress provides that kind of cropping functionality as it's being used by the medie manager, and I expect that to be honoring the ratios you set for the thumbsnails in the media settings. So I'd like to know if the Avatars plug-in is using this core functionality, or if it's providing it's own solution. Then some hint at how to affect whatever solution is being used.

    I can dig through the code of course, and I'm able to eventually fix it myself, but first I thought it would be abvious to ask here in the forums of the company that provide service for those plugins that I#ve bought.

    Please let me know what your policies are, or if I'm simply asking the wrong forum.

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    I'm sorry if my previous entry has am inpolite tone, I think it has now that I re-read it, and it wasn't my intention. I can't edit it.

    What it comes down to is, that since I'm a new member here, I'd like to know if there's a more appropriate forum for asking plug-in specific questions, and also, if anyone can tell me where to find the settings determining the ratio that the cropping tool will be locked at after uploading the avatar. It doesn't seem to be using the Core settings for thumbnails.

    Kind regards,

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    That's okay, no harm done.

    In a simple way we provide support for any issues related to our plugins (i.e. bugs, conflicts etc)

    We will also help with advice on configuration.

    Generally, if an issue is down to a 3rd party plugin or theme, or even WordPress itself, then we can't really help with that.

    If you're after something that requires custom development then our ability to help ends once we've determined that.

    In cases like this where it is a case of simply looking at the plugin code we won't generally provide that guidance ourselves. That's because it's assumed you would already have done so if you had that competence with code. If you haven't it's probably because your code-surfing skills aren't that high and so pointing you to the lines will just generate more questions about something we can't help with and take our time away from other member issues.

    A lot of it is a balancing act to be honest and sometimes we'll vary from the above depending on workload.

    Hope that helps clarify a little more what you can expect.


    P.s. if you are competent looking at code and demonstrate that, it's likely that we'll get a feel for your skill level and get to know how in depth we can be with you, if you see what I mean.

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