Disable 'Enable External Permalinks for Autoblog'

Hi There,

I've a slight problem on the site, a multisite install using autoblog to pull feeds through from multiple sources. Originally articles were pulled through to the front page and, when clicked on, led through to the individual blog on our site. I wanted to post the content as a teaser and then have the users visit the source site from there, I enabled the 'Enable External Permalinks for Autoblog' add on to see if this solved the trick but now all of the articles are clicking through to the source article.

I've disabled it at network level, and on the sub site/blog itself but it's still clicking through to the source site rather than the network sub-site. Any help?

Also, I'm having real problems pulling images through.

Main site: http://actionoldham.org/
Sub-site: http://rspbdovestone.actionoldham.org/
Feed Address I'm pulling from: