Disable Free and Require Payment?

Hi there,

Working on setting up a network, locally for testing, and need to understand how to do this:

We will not be offering any free levels or trials, and need to have users signup on the front end and create new sites, but also pay for said sites before using them.

Is the only way to do this to enable the "pay to blog" module? Seems a bit restrictive... How does that work? They sign up, then activate, then get a notice saying they have to pay?

Edit: Is there a way to have the Free Trial an option on the "pay to blog" page? I don't mind if after activation they get redirected to the page asking to pay or select a trial, but I do not want the trial to just start automatically without them knowing.

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    Hi @Ryan

    Welcome to the forums!

    If you want to completely disable the free option at signup so that the front-end of the newly created site is visible, but the user must pay to access the backend, here's what to do:

    1. Enable the Pay to Blog module.
    2. Under General Settings, be sure "Show Option On Signup" is not checked.
    3. Set "Free Trial" is disabled.
    4. Scroll down to Pay to Blog settings and be sure "Disable Front End" is not checked.

    The workflow for new signups would then be very simple:

    1. They complete your registration form including their blog/site details.
    2. Click the link in their activation email if required (BuddyPress requires this).
    3. They can immediately visit the front-end of their new blog/site via the My Sites menu in the adminbar, but if they try to access the backend, they are redirected to your Pro Site page so they can pay for the level they need.

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