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Good Day Again,
I am playing around with jobs and experts and out of the box I seem to be able to limit visibility of some elements of it to logged in users and that's fine. I would like to get a little more granular and disable things like the ability to contact anyone and have the social icons in a users profile non-visible to anyone who is not a member of the site.
In my scenario I am using J and E to create the site layout and base functionality that saves a lot of time in set up. I can tweak it later. I would like to use MP2 to limit access between guests of the site and experts.
I would like anyone to be able to add jobs or experts with full functionality to list either with contact info. I would like anyone to see jobs and experts excluding contact information. I would like only members to see contact information for either jobs or experts and to communicate on and off the site. Can I EASILY achieve this with these two plugins?. If so how? As I see it I would have to be able to disable the contact me button and the portion of the tab that displays skills and social. I just want the social gone for non members, displaying skills is a must.

Thanks for your assistance in this.


  • Sajid

    Hello Bradley,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Unfortunately, you can not do this with these plugins out of the box. If you go with Membership 2 Pro plugin memberships system then you would have to use its API functions and wrap the source code of Jobs and Expert plugin, Social buttons for instance to show or hide based on current logged in user status, in the file of plugin.

    That is definitely requires a some knowledge of PHP and API functions of Membership 2 Pro plugin. If you don't have then you would have to hire a developer from jobs board to do this customisation for you, because, unfortunately, its beyond the level of support we can provide here.

    However, if you just need to hide some elements based on user login or log out status then I can try to provide a quick snippet of code to get it done.

    Just please share the link of page with screenshot of that page marking what element(s) you want to hide for non-members of your sites (not logged in users). This will help me write a quick PHP code snippet for you.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,
    Sajid - WPMU DEV Support

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