Disable Password + Email Change for Specific Users

This is a BuddyPress and Advanced WordPress topic. I am running a BuddyPress site and a few users are sort of workers on the site and have extra privileges. Due to this, I want some restrictions on their accounts for security reasons.

What I specifically want to do is prevent these specific users from being able to change their password or email address associated with their account. The only user on my website with dashboard access is the one administrator (me), but there are still 2 more ways for them to currently change their password and one way to change their email address. A portion of “settings” tab of their BuddyPress profile (on front end of site) let’s them change email address and password. Their password can also be changed via reset password function.

Can someone provide a way to block these two possibilities for a specific set of users? Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.