Disable Password Reset on Only One Site

Is there a way to disable the password reset on only ONE site instead of the entire multisite? I'm trying to create an opt-in offer and provide some premium downloadable content.

My thinking was that I'd create just one user and change the password periodically. Every new newsletter would have the current password. This seemed like the easiest way to not have to have individuals register as well as make it so people who unsubscribed would eventually not have access to any new content.

But now I realize that doing it this way means that any one of the members can go in and either purposely or accidentally reset the password....making in inaccessible to all other subscribers. I saw this plugin and had hopes for just a moment, until I saw it is an "all or nothing" kind of deal.

So...is there any way to accomplish the same thing this plugin does, but for only ONE site on the network as opposed to ALL of them?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Kary!

    I think there might be a better way of doing all of this. Having multiple users share an account is asking for more trouble than just the chance to reset a password. But! Are you aware WordPress allows you to password protect individual posts and pages? Rather than sending your readers to all use the same WP account on your site, you could just send that month's post/page password.

    Login Message here doesn't completely lock out enterprising users, either. It hides the link, but it doesn't destroy the ability to change an account password. That being said, you can use it on a single site if you don't network activated. Go to the subsite where you want it, go to Plugins, and activate it from the subsite, rather than from the network admin.

    Hope this helps!

  • Kary Boan-Dunham

    Okay...I like the second version better than protecting content on each individual page/post. Password protection on a lot of content means I would either have to put ALL the content on one big page, or they would have to input the password for every page. Also it doesn't protect the actual thing being downloaded. Just the page it is sitting on. These are the issues I am trying to prevent. The other being that I don't want to have to go into each and every post/page each month and change the password. That seems like a lot.

    If I'm missing something, I'm all ears. But it seems painful and ultimately not going to work. :wink: I will attempt to use the Login Message plugin as you've described.

    The other scenario I could use would be to change the ability to reset a password for one user role instead of an entire site. Maybe I could create a special user role and lock this ability out for them? I've seen references to this on the web, but I can't seem to find a post where the OP came back and said, "this worked for me."

    BTW....this would be an awesome feature added to the "Protect Content" plugin o(r something else). I'm thinking about the scenario of having a sandbox on a website. There is one user everyone uses it sign in and use the sandbox. However you've got little cretins changing the password just to be funny. Or a family who wants to share a wedding album (or whatever) on a private site but don't want or need everyone to have their own password.

  • Kary Boan-Dunham

    Hey, I've deactivated the "network" settings from the super admin, but the plugin doesn't appear in the individual site's plugin list. Others do that aren't networked activated. But not that one. :disappointed:

    So I think at this point I'm left with only one alternative. Under the "reading" settings, I can select the option that all visitors must use password to see site. It should work and is basically a "hide my site" type plugin. The reason I don't like it is because I'm unable to have any content on any page/post be visible. Again, back to the "all or nothing" scenario but at least this one is "all content or no content" on this one site instead of impacting the entire network. It may have to do for now. :slight_frown:

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey, Kary!

    It gets tricky when we don't have individual user roles/accounts to play with. It's easy to block content (well, easy with the right plugin) for a user role, but it's hard to restrict for the fluid situation you describe here, and if you're not wanting more than a single user account on the site.

    This may be a challenge more suited to one of the devs who accept jobs on our Jobs Board. There has to be a way to make your life simpler programmatically. :slight_smile:

    So sorry on the plugin, I didn't double check on my site to check if it was one of the handful of tools we have that only work when network activated.

    Thanks for your questions!

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