Disable paypal, customize HTML and customize single event page layout


1) I put <?php echo do_shortcode('[eab_archive]'); ?> to my custom wordpress theme (index.php). But how I can customize the HTML output of the shortcode? Please do not suggest to modify the plugin core files.

2) How do I disable paypal? I want the users do the payment via manual bank transfer.

3) How do I make the event I created is available for public? For non-logged in users, when they click "I'm attending button" they just need to put some fields like name, phone and email. I also need an upload file column.

4) How do I extract event info on the event's single page? I have custom theme and I need to adjust event date, event time, event title, map location to different position.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @johanhs,

    #1 you will need to use custom templates to change the layouts/formatting.

    you can find the templates in events-and-bookings/default-templates/default

    Just copy each template into your current theme folder & then edit them there.

    #2 Remove the paypal email address in the settings, then enable the manual payments add-on.

    #3 enable the Social logins add-on, (even if you don't intend to use them), then enable the RSVP by email addon. Note this allows RSVP via email, but it will not ask for additional information, the plugin has no ability for this, file upload is definitely not a possibility. You would need to hire a developer to add that kind of functionality to the plugin. We have a job board here, if you wish to go that route. https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/

    #4 This would require some custom templates.

    The Events templating class depends on Events model classes for most of the data bits related to a particular event (including, but not limited to, event title, start/end times, event, etc). The model class (actually, a set of classes) is located in lib/class_eab_event_model.php, and documented there. To make use of it, just convert the $post global to an Eab_EventModel instance, like so:

    global $post;
    $event = ($post instanceof Eab_EventModel) ? $post : new Eab_EventModel($post)

    After this, you can use all the model convenience methods, e.g.:

    if ($event->has_venue_map()) echo $event->get_venue_location(Eab_EventModel::VENUE_AS_MAP, array('width' => '99%'));
    // ...
    // ..
    echo date(get_option("date_format"), $event->get_start_timestamp());
    echo date(get_option("time_format"), $event->get_start_timestamp());

    This thread might give you a better idea. https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/change-order-of-wpmudevevents-contentmeta-on-frontend-display

    Hope this helps

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @johanhs

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Trying to discuss 4 different issue in the same thread may quickly lead to confusion. :slight_frown:

    In order to keep things organized, prevent confusion, and help maximize the support we can offer you, would you please create separate support tickets for each issue?

    Thanks very much for your understanding!

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