disable paypal on event page

Hi, I installed the events plugin

1: how can I disable the paypal option so that it is only manual payment option showing?

2: How can I have separtae instructions for different events when you click on manual payment option

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    1. there doesn't appear to be an option for this, so let me ping our developer to see if we can make Paypal optional for the next version whilst still allowing manual.

    2. This isn't possible by default sorry. You would need to make multiple gateways or code up another solution for this.

    Maybe Tweaky could help you out with these customisations:


    Take care.

  • ed
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    yes indeed. Thanks.. we just removed the paypal button.

    Another thought is if we could have a field to enter payment link at the top directly so instead of paypal it will just show your custom payment link which can be as step 1, and step 2 to click manual payment

  • monsterdevelopment
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I agree, having a place to simply enter a payment gateway URL, for the payment itself would be awesome. Then the user clicks manual payment and this links manual payment button to gateway of choice. We are hiding paypal button too, as we want to use our own cart, which we can link to with simple URLs.

    To be able to select a manual payment option to assign to each course would further enhance the ability to link to our cart with different links for each course.

    I would love to see this same functionality in the Pro Sites plugin, when a user upgrades a "Pro Site". In the Pro Sites plugin settings it would be cool to add a manual signup URL for each site package/level, then those Pro Site upgrade buttons could just link right to the payment URL instead of showing a message below on how to pay and having "dead" buttons too towards the top, which just seems strange to me.

    One final (kinda long winded) thought, if we could "update" the payment status for the Events plugin and the Pro Sites plugin by triggering a URL upon successful payment this would be cool too, much like the Paypal return URL does after making paypal payment.

    Then folks using payment gateways that offer an option to "Send HTTP Post To Another Server" and pass data with the post when a transaction is successful, would be able to update the payment status instead of asking user to do it on events plugin by clicking a button. Or having to have a Super Admin update a Pro Site manually after payment has been received.

    More and more, from my experience, good CRM and shopping cart tools being used by most internet marketers and many service providers (Infusionsoft, Office Autopilot, 1Shoppingcart, Nanacast, WHMCS, etc.) their carts support if/then rules and allowing for data to be passed easily through a simple http post after successful purchase (AKA Successful purchase actions). Seems like they are all starting to work with this method as it requires no coding or API work. Being able to do this with Events, Pro Sites, Membership, etc. would allow new gateways to be added with zero coding and open up a world of possible billing solutions for these amazing plugins you guys build here at WPMUDev.

    It would be super cool if all your plugins that allowed for payments offered:

    1. Place to enter manual payment URL(s) to external cart and have buttons for payment actually LINK to payment options.

    2. Optionally: To be able to add client data that is passed in URL TO cart
    IE: event number, username, email, blogid, etc. depending on plugin we are processing payments for and the post back data required to update plugin.

    3. Ability to post the success message back to site/plugin with simple HTTP post to notify the plugin of billing success or failure at remote gateway. Perhaps a local security code entered in admin settings that must be passed with update message back to plugin by gateway and a way to limit what URLs update messages can be posted FROM for security (like only the payment gateway URL for example).

    Example For Events:

    Post back for good payment:

    Post back for failed payment:

    Example For Pro Sites:

    Post back for good payment:

    Post back for failed payment:

    Then the external carts that thousands of people already use can catch data, process payment and then update plugin(s) of result of users payment attempt and run any followup sequences or marketing emails, etc. that go along with the product or event.

    This would be super and save tons of coding time for using your killer plugins with some of these amazing powerful CRM and billing tools (Infusionsoft, Office Autopilot, 1Shoppingcart, Nanacast, WHMCS, etc.) without having to hack your awesome plugins and get outside the upgrade loop.

    Keep up the great work guys we love your plugins!

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