Disable Zoom IN & Out of the image when a page is zoomed

I would like to disable the image resizing on http://www.dr*********e.no/t****r which happens while zooming IN and OUT the page.

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    Hi Børge ørge

    Hope you are doing good today.

    You use this image as background image with value "background-size:cover;" which cover image html container. When you zoom in and out in browser this html container chnage width and height value so image try to fit cover in such cases to fill whole space. When container change width to less or more, image proportion change also. So this is good as design, image will always cover area.

    If you still want to have static height of this image on desktop view you will need to crop this image to some static height, like 530px for example, and for left and right box use also static height 530px.
    Image could have more width, to fit other zoom in/outs but height should be static in such case.
    So zoom in/ou will use additional part of image from left side.

    As for second issue with youtube video in bottom section I disable "100% Height" for video container so video does not have any additional space above and below on mobile view.

    Hope this help :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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