Disabling Cubepoints on a Per Product Basis?

First and foremost, the Cubepoints integration is a great feature.

But there is ONE downside that I am trying to overcome.

There are SOME products on our store that we want users to be able to purchase with "points" and others we would rather they ONLY be able to buy with $.

There does not seem to be any way to set a POINT price and a $ Price to individual items.

Am I missing something? Or am I going to have to create an entire NEW blog on my Multisite network for both my POINT and CASH stores? (Which is not a great alternative)

Wisdom on this topic would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly

    HI there!

    From what I understand Cubepoints is only a new addition for BETA and has not received very much integration capability with Marketpress.

    That being said, regardless of what type of payment system you are using Marketpress only supports your one payment type. Probably mostly due to the payment gateway structure, i.e. having the correct info go to the correct place and give the correct balance/withdrawal.

    I can as the developer to comment here, just in case there is something that I am missing, as I'm not up to speed on Cubepoints' functionality in marketpress.



  • Kimberly

    Yes, I believe so.

    I've done some looking around and did a test install of cubepoints to check it out. My comparison is this, it's like trying to buy something off of ebay and saying you want to pay half with paypal and half with a mail in check. There's no way that can happen, only because you need to have one consistent form of payment.

    If you create two stores then your users will have to go through 2 separate checkout processes. One for points and one for the real $.

    I'm sure that if I've missed the boat here the developer will be able to clarify :slight_smile:

    Aaron for reference:
    another thread looking for split payments

  • MyMiddleEarth

    Aaron and Kimberly:

    Thank you greatly for the responses. I am going to mark this as Not Resolved ONE last time, then I am done (Promise!)

    Based on the wording you guys used in your most recent responses, I just want to double check that we are 'on the same page' as far as what my intentions are.

    I'm not so much looking to have the ability to "split" payments for a single item. (EX: Spend 200 points + 20 dollars instead of simply paying 40 dollars or something)

    Rather, I am looking for the ability to EITHER purchase a single item Via Points or Via Cash. I know that this ability currently does exist (when you complete the checkout it asks if you want to use points or cash)

    The problem is this: I have no way of setting a CASH PRICE and a POINT PRICE on an individual item.

    So if I am selling a 'Blue WIdget' and want the CASH cost of this item to be 50 dollars, but I want the POINT cost to be 7500 points (OR perhaps I want to completely disable the option to purchase the Blue Widget with points!) there is no way to set this separately.

    I really hope this made sense. I have a feeling this is not currently possible, but again I just wanted to double check.

    Assuming it's not a current feature, consider me one customer who would be thrilled to see it implemented in a future release :slight_smile:

    Thanks again Aaron and Kimberly, you guys are fantastic!

  • Aaron

    To clarify, the payment method is currently per order, and all products in the order will use that payment method. Points are considered a currency, so you would want the entire store enumerated by points with decimals turned off probably.

    So you would need to have a whole different store (blog) currently if you want to sell things with points and money.

    We'll consider it a feature request, though it would be a ton of work and the cubepoints gateway was kinda a afterthought, so it probably would be way way off if at all.

    Best of luck to you!

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