Disabling Default User Being Added To Main Site As Subscriber

If I understand the default function correctly, if a SuperAdmin creates a new user for a network site that user is also automatically added to the Main Site with the "Subscriber" role as the base default. Is this right?

Also, if a Network Site Admin creates a new user for their site in their admin, that user is also automatically added to the Main Site with the "Subscriber" role as well. Right?

In our setup, all new blogs (aka network sites) and all new users are being setup in the backend by the SuperAdmin --

So - is there some way to disable the function that adds a new user to the Main Site when that user is "created" in the backend?

Or maybe I'm missing something fundamental?


  • Sue

    If you create just a username and you don't also create a site than the user is automatically attached to the main site as a subcriber by default.

    The reason why this happens is that the user needs to be attached to a site so that they can change their Profile information such as their password or email address.

    You can't disable the fact that a usernames needs to be attached to a Site if they don't have their own site. However, you can change which site the user is attached by specifying your Dashboard site in Super Admin > Options. But I would love to hear others thoughts on this because when this feature was first introduced to WordPress it did have a bug which definitely would be fixed now.

  • Scott M

    Well that's the thing... :slight_smile: When I create a new user as an admin from within one of the network sites, that new user is also being added as a user (Subscriber) to the Main Site.

    I do understand the need to assign an "orphan user" to the Main Site (or whatever you set as your "Dashboard" site).

    I don't understand why, when creating a New User, either as a SuperAdmin from the backend of a Network Site, or as a User with Admin role logged in to a Network Site the New User is being added to the Main Site.

    It's creating an extra step for us -- we have to delete the New User from the Main Site because we have a redirect to the Network Site Dashboard that the user is a member of --

    I believe this is default WPMU behavior -- at least as far as I can tell reading through the Codex, I just wondered if someone with more experience than me had a workaround, or if we've got some obscure setting incorrect.

    Thanks for you help Sue - your info is always very well presented (I've learned a lot from just reviewing your various answers on the forums).

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