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How do I get rid of "Recent Blog Posts" and "Recent Comments" or reduce the number of entries I see in the footer of this theme?

I plan on using posts to create several pages for my site but as I add them they are displayed on the website creating too many links and entries. Not what I want as I need better control over them. Also a way to place them in alphabetical order or something that would prevent reverse chronological order.

I will like to fix this before I can continue developing my site

Aaron already told me that the add drop down menus in order to create new pages is possible. Another thing I need to get done but I am not sure how to even begin doing this so some clarity would be appreciated as well. Otherwise I take it that I need to know php programming not sure.

Thanks for your time

  • Mason


    Thanks for your patience! The theme is set up to list no more than 10 posts or months by default in the footer. The footer is fully widgetized though, so you can drop in any widget you'd like and change the content that is diplayed. Just go to the Widgets page and drop in "Recent Posts" for example, and select the number of posts you'd like to display. You can actually have it display whatever you'd like. Pretty cool, eh? :smiley:

  • drdave

    Guess I got lost in the mix. This was tried before thanks though.

    Any chance of directing me to where I need to be in the script in order to create the drop down menus?

    For instance, instead of adding a new menus that will appear on the right side of my menus, I will rather they drop down since I ran out of horizontal space.

    As I mentioned though I was helped before and Aaron said he think it is found in navigation.php. Would be nice to know which script exactly and my other question is if this is something that is heavily involved in php or just a simple fix?

    Of course I will be doing this myself but would like some directions as to maybe some docs on the site that can guide me in the process. I tried navigation menu searches and similar here and in google but did not come up with anything.

    Thanks if you can help further masonjames

  • Mason

    my other question is if this is something that is heavily involved in php or just a simple fix?

    Well, it's really more of an issue of the way the theme was designed to function. To get what you're after, I'd grab a theme that uses custom dropdown menus and see how it was tackled there. For instance, the BP Daily theme here has dropdown menus and has the functionality you're after. The navigation portion for buddypress in BP Daily can be found in bp_daily>library>components>buddypress>buddypres-navigation.php Honestly, it's not going to be a line or two of code you have to modify though.

  • drdave

    Short of spending too much time trying to edit the codes I guess my last option then will be using post pages instead.

    I was trying to avoid them because...
    1. Reverse chronological order - unless I can reverse this action.
    2. I need static pages - content that won't necessarily change over time or not too often.
    3. Due to lack of space in the layout for static pages I don't see any other option so now I will have to revert to the post pages as if they were static pages if you can see what I mean.

    btw my theme blog-mu does have the option to add the extra pages to a parent page as a dropdown but they do not show up and I guess because of what you are saying. Maybe just a wordpress thing.

    Another idea is if there was a widget that I can maybe add to a sidebar that will display all my additional pages and disallow them from the main menu. Is there such a thing?

    If this makes any sense please let me know so I can proceed to either trying your suggestions or going with my plan b.

    Thanks masonjames for all your patience

  • Mason

    Do you have a link so that I can see what you're trying to accomplish? I was thinking you wanted dropdown navigation menus and I'm not sure how post pages solves your problem.

    That being said, you can do a "reverse chronological order" by coding a custom query for your posts (which you'd add to a page template for your posts, or index.php if you want it on your home page) that would be something like query_posts('order=ASC'). You can really have the posts displayed however you like. That's what's so awesome about "the loop" in WordPress. Check out the codex page for more information:

    btw my theme blog-mu does have the option to add the extra pages to a parent page as a dropdown

    You could use this by making all of your pages have a couple parent pages. To do this, you'd need to delete "&depth=1" from line 122 of the blogs_mu theme. Then you'd have to go through and code the CSS so that the pages would remain hidden and only show up as a dropdown. So, I'm not sure that gets you further ahead. Unless you are more comfortable with CSS? :smiley:

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