Discount first year's membership, but make renewal fee the full price

Hello. I have a question about discounting the first year of the membership fee, and having the price of the renewal automatically increase to the regular price I set in the Subscription Plan.

In my website I am using the PayPal Standard Payment gateway with automatic renewal. The mode is Serial. The period is 1 year.

From other forum posts, I have discovered that if a user signs up for a membership at one price, and then I increase the price of that membership, when the user's membership auto renews, he will pay the original price of the membership that he signed up for. And the only way for me to make him pay the increased membership fee is to go into my business's PayPal and manually change the price.

You can read more about this in this post:

Is it possible to discount the first year of a user's membership, and then have the renewal fee be the original price I set in the Subscription plan?

For example, if the membership subscription I charge is $100 per year, to attract people to my website, I want to offer user's a 50% discount for the first year. So the first year the user pays $50. Then when the membership renews, the user should be charged $100 (the originally set price of the Subscription plan.)

Is this possible with your plugin? Does a coupon code accomplish this? Some other setting I missed? Or is this not possible?

Thank you.