Display Appointments Calendar On Mobile in Portrait Mode

The “Free”, “Busy” and “Not Possible” labels and Images exceed the right hand margin when viewed on Mobile Phone in portrait mode (I use Samsung Galaxy S4).

The attached images are both screen shots from a desktop view, in both cases the labels view ok but are extending past the calendar right hand side.

Image “original Layout” shows this, the “Not Possible” label exceeds the right hand side of the Calendar.

Image “Label Shorter” has Label “Not Possible” changed to “Locked” this looks better on the desktop but you can see the label and image line is not centered to the calendar.

Then if we view on mobile phone in Portrait Mode http://mobilephonerepairs.nz/product/replace-battery-iphone-5c/

the label line exceeds the right hand margin – this is my problem, can this be corrected or can you advise what I can alter to rectify this.

One solution could be words on top or bottom of image plus, overall centering of the overall line display.