Display desc: mirror tag-line input in Settings > General, to Settings > Blog Avatar?

For the Blogs Directory plugin I have a wish list – no hurry – for future consideration:

(1) Display description: If possible I would like users to be able to edit the tag-line from the Settings > Blog Avatar menu at the same time as uploading their blog avatar.

Is it possible to mirror the tag-line input box from Settings > General, to have it also appear in Settings > Blog Avatar? (My multisite hides the Settings > General menu for other reasons.)

(2) In-line link with Members Directory plugin: Is it possible to include a link within each blog listing that will take the visitor to a list of all the users associated with a particular blog?

(3) Avatar link with Members Directory plugin: Would it be possible to add an option in the avatar settings for both plugins to use the same image for both?

(4) Google Analytics link: is it possible to provide an option for users to display stats from the Google Anlytics plugin, if installed, in-line. For instance, number of visitors in the past month etc.

(5) Sortable column headers once something like (4) is implemented?