display easy blogging menu item for several roles.

Easy blogging has a nice option to enter menu items by capability or role. I need a slight variation on this. I want to show a menu item to several roles that are lower than the admin role. Easy blogging has the option to display the item for one role only, eg subscriber only, how do I get an item to show for subscriber and author when I want to exclude admin?

I tried creating a new capability with capsman or role editor plugin but they both assign the capability to the sub site admins.

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    I am dealing now with user role editor plugin and easy blogging so I have just tested to do what you want and managed to display a menu item only for subscriber and author like you want.

    Here is how I did :
    Create the new ability display_"my menu" in User Role Editor settings
    Assign this new ability to subscriber and author
    Don't forget to check the Apply to All Sites box
    Go to easy Blogging add your new menu and click on "enter the capability manually"
    Type the name of the ability you just created

    Authors and subscriber will both see the new menu item.
    I have tried to load the easy blogging menu as sub site admin and the new menu item doesn't show.

    Please note that your network admin will be able to see all the menu items.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks @Ipo
    I guess it wasn't working for me before the capability that I created was read_wholesale so the admin was still able to view it. Maybe when you use "read" admin always gets to see it???
    Anyhow, I tried your suggestion of display and that did it.

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