Display Header Area for Members Only or Membership Level?

I just wanted to say first.. thank you WPMU for all your support help, without you I would be in a world of hurt in moving these projects along. And because of you, I have a new found interest in Javascript and PHP.. learning as fast as I can!!

Recently the team helped me with setting up a php statement for displaying a header area to a non-logged in user and a logged in user in the header.php of my site using the below (here's the post )

I use a plugin for membership called Memberpress.. I need help with displaying a header area to paid members or to a membership level. So essentially my site will do the following

Display a different header area to:

1.) non logged in user // it does this now
2.) logged in user // it does does this now
3.) user that belongs to a membership(paid user) // doesn't do this yet
I found this code from the user manual of Memberpress

if(current_user_can('mepr-active','membership: 123') ) //123 is membership level id

I am not sure how to implement this into the header.php, any pointers or push would be very welcome :slight_smile:

The test site I am using is seoinerg.com and is a non-production site.

Thanks for your help