Display no calendar when service provider not selected

Is there an easy way to not display the calendar unless a service provider is selected? In other words, I don't want people to be able to schedule appointments with the "office" or even with a "dummy". Only with real, live people.

  • aikorei
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    Thanks to you both for the responses.

    @SteveB I've set the "Working Hours" in the Admin area to "No" for every day, but this seems to override individual Service Provider hours. I assume the logic here is that "The office is closed, so no service providers should be working." This does, however, limit flexibility (e.g. what if you're coordinating service providers from more than one location?).

    In my case I'd be just as happy removing the main calendar from display unless a real service provider is selected.

    @Tom are you saying I would need to hard code the default calendar to populate the "office" service provider?

  • pxwm
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    Just checking if you have the latest version as I've tried this and setting the business working hours will disable any bookings if you have 'no preference' selected but if you select a particular 'Service Provider' then their set hours are used. Therefore each 'Service Provider' can have different hours to each other and even have different hours tot he business hours and when that particular 'Service Provider' is selected they can be booked based on their set hours.

    Hope this helps


  • aikorei
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    Thanks, Steve. I do have the latest version. I don't think that would work for me, as I'm dynamically populating the service provider list based on who they're connected to through Buddypress. Setting a "preferred" provider will force that provider on everyone.

    I ended up just coding something in to change the default provider to the first person they connected with. I literally finished this minutes ago, and hadn't marked this thread as resolved yet, but I suppose I can now.

    I do appreciate the response though. Thanks very much for the time.

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