display products in buddypress profile page

Ok so heres another possible feature request.

I am looking to make a social network that has buddypress capabilities and multisite capabilities.

What I am trying to create is a network where I have multiple user types.

make up artists

each user type will have their own separate functionality in their own multisite site. I understand how to do this with prosites and the other plugins already developed. what i want to do is pull the information that they put in their multi site site into their buddypress profile.

I am on the network site. I click on a user. I go to their profile on the main site. I want to list the users link to their multisite site. Is their a way to do this automatically or can someone give me some hints into the code I would need to look for to do this.

The other thing I am looking to do is pull in from each individuals pictures that are on their multisite site and display it in their buddypress profile on the main network site.

The other thing I want to do is pull in the store products from each individuals marketpress store on their site and display them in their buddypress profile.

I am looking to know what hooks, code, plugins I would need to be able to do this.

I understand there are many shortcodes for these things I'm asking but I am not looking for short codes as this is meant to be dynamic on the buddypress profile page. I am more looking to do something of the following:
Get user id
Find user site based on ID
Get products based on site id
Get categories based on site id
Display products and categories.

I don't understand why this functionality is not already integrated into buddypress and multisite/marketpress since the ability to list blogs in the network exists and categorizing them exists but the actual displaying of content from their multisite site in their buddy press does not. It just seems like the whole idea of having a buddypress and multi site integrate would be to basically do what facebook is unable to do and that is provide a way for people to create a website but display the contents of it on their social network profile.

the last thing and I am sure there is already documentation on this but I am looking to create multiple buddypress profile templates for each user type so I can customize the look and feel for each as a model and a designer wont have the same needs. I don't necessarily need how to do this part (unless theres no documentation out already) just a yes/no it can be done.

Let me know what your thoughts are. If you guys can't figure out a way to do this I will most likely just build this functionality myself.