Display Staff members, team members, etc.

I have been actively seeking a good plugin or method to display members (staff members in this case) that changes quite frequently.

The plugin will need the ability to have a backend to manage staff members with the ability to add to a category (department in this case), staff photo, email address, position title, phone number etc.

I will need shortcodes to display this information throughout different pages (department pages). I have tried a few, and I found one I really like but it doesn't have a search function to search for a specific staff member.

Does anyone know of a plugin that will handle this? Doesn't matter if it's a premium/paid plugin or free. I am currently using "Staff Directory" by Adam Tootle. This plugin is great, can edit CSS for multiple styles, etc., but there is no search or advanced functionality. A biography page for each would be a nice add too.

I have asked several questions within the WP plugin support page, but am not getting any type of support from developer or community.

Thanks for your help in advance,