Display Videos on page


I'm working on a membership site where members will have access to workouts.

Each week there are 3-4 different workouts they can access.

We're using LearnDash, so I have each different workout as a lesson topic (basically each is a separate page).

On the page they will see the workout written out, and below I wanted to display separate videos of each exercise being performed.

It seemed that TubePress (http://tubepress.com/) would do the trick, because we could just upload all the videos to Vimeo and organize them in albums. Then, it would just be a shortcode on the page to display the videos from that album.

Seemed like a good solution, however when testing it out it doesn't seem to pull all the videos :slight_frown:

I'm wondering now if there is a way to do the same thing (display a Vimeo video album) on a page without using a plugin?

Or, can someone recommend another way I just haven't thought of yet?

I'm trying to avoid linking every individual exercise to a video, since there are a lot of workouts (and a lot of exercises).

Thanks for any help!