Displaying all services...Is it possible?

Is it possible to display a table:

Down the left is the list of services (in my case rooms for hire) and calendar to the right.

This means that instead of checking EVERY dropdown list of Service/Room, it is visually on the one page so you can see all the services/rooms and when they are booked.

It is a helicopter view about it all that is missing.

It would be good to have it output on a separate page or where ever you want to put it.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Karen,

    Currently this isn't possible; however, you can display a calender for each specific room, or each specific service in a shortcode. So if you wanted to show only services for room 5 then you could use a shortcode to show just room 5 like this:

    [app_monthly_schedule ... worker="5"]

    For your plan are you wanting the service down the right then each calender for that service down the left?

    You could try this shortcode too:

    [app_monthly_schedule ... service="1"]

    I could be misunderstanding the question here.

    Look forward to your reply!


  • Karen


    Thanks for that.

    For your plan are you wanting the service down the right then each calender for that service down the left?

    I wanted people to be able to see - at a glance - which rooms are free when.

    The Appointments+ plug in isn't really working for hiring out rooms which is what I am trying to find a good plugin for.

    Some issues:
    I have rooms that can be hired for full days during the week - Price A
    I have rooms that can be hired for half days during the week - Price B
    Some for evenings (3 hours) - Price C
    When you hire them on the week-ends, there is a loading - so you end up with Price D (full day) and E (half day).

    I have tried creating different "people" available at different times so I can have a different price, but it is messy as each option needs a different "person" which is five calendars, not one.

    For each of 5 different rooms, you have the option of full or half day hire on the weekday or weekend.

    That's 25 options/different calendars to look at.

    People just want to see which room is booked when.
    A calendar that lists rooms down the left (one after each other like an XL spreadsheet) and the dates to the right for the week/month - should let you see when a room is booked for the day or night or weekend - just by shading out all day or half day or a different colour for the pm.

    Is there a good venue booking plugin out there?

    I tried the first code above - but it just gives me the same calendar for the current month - so it doesn't help with what I am trying to achieve.

    Any suggestions?


  • pxwm

    Hi @Tyler Postle - I hope you don't mind me chiming in

    Hi @Karen

    If I've understood your requirement correctly then you may wish to consider the following:-

    >Create 5 x Service Providers, one for each room
    >Create 5 x Services (All Day - Weekday, Half Day - Weekday, 3 hrs Weekday Evenings, All Day - Weekend, Half Day - Weekend) or similar names
    >Then assign 1 x Service Provider to each Service
    >Then create an Appointment page for each Service - You would need to add the shortcode to 'force' each page to only show a single Service

    You could then create a single page containing a link to each of the 5 x Appointment pages

    Each Appointment page would then display a single Service and you would only have to select a room to view the available dates/times available

    I appreciate this is still 25 choices but it will split them into better manageable chunks of 5 choices per page

    I hope this helps

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