Displaying all services...Is it possible?

Is it possible to display a table:

Down the left is the list of services (in my case rooms for hire) and calendar to the right.

This means that instead of checking EVERY dropdown list of Service/Room, it is visually on the one page so you can see all the services/rooms and when they are booked.

It is a helicopter view about it all that is missing.

It would be good to have it output on a separate page or where ever you want to put it.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Karen,

    Currently this isn't possible; however, you can display a calender for each specific room, or each specific service in a shortcode. So if you wanted to show only services for room 5 then you could use a shortcode to show just room 5 like this:

    [app_monthly_schedule ... worker="5"]

    For your plan are you wanting the service down the right then each calender for that service down the left?

    You could try this shortcode too:

    [app_monthly_schedule ... service="1"]

    I could be misunderstanding the question here.

    Look forward to your reply!


  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior


    Thanks for that.

    For your plan are you wanting the service down the right then each calender for that service down the left?

    I wanted people to be able to see - at a glance - which rooms are free when.

    The Appointments+ plug in isn't really working for hiring out rooms which is what I am trying to find a good plugin for.

    Some issues:
    I have rooms that can be hired for full days during the week - Price A
    I have rooms that can be hired for half days during the week - Price B
    Some for evenings (3 hours) - Price C
    When you hire them on the week-ends, there is a loading - so you end up with Price D (full day) and E (half day).

    I have tried creating different "people" available at different times so I can have a different price, but it is messy as each option needs a different "person" which is five calendars, not one.

    For each of 5 different rooms, you have the option of full or half day hire on the weekday or weekend.

    That's 25 options/different calendars to look at.

    People just want to see which room is booked when.
    A calendar that lists rooms down the left (one after each other like an XL spreadsheet) and the dates to the right for the week/month - should let you see when a room is booked for the day or night or weekend - just by shading out all day or half day or a different colour for the pm.

    Is there a good venue booking plugin out there?

    I tried the first code above - but it just gives me the same calendar for the current month - so it doesn't help with what I am trying to achieve.

    Any suggestions?


  • pxwm
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi @Tyler Postle - I hope you don't mind me chiming in

    Hi @Karen

    If I've understood your requirement correctly then you may wish to consider the following:-

    >Create 5 x Service Providers, one for each room
    >Create 5 x Services (All Day - Weekday, Half Day - Weekday, 3 hrs Weekday Evenings, All Day - Weekend, Half Day - Weekend) or similar names
    >Then assign 1 x Service Provider to each Service
    >Then create an Appointment page for each Service - You would need to add the shortcode to 'force' each page to only show a single Service

    You could then create a single page containing a link to each of the 5 x Appointment pages

    Each Appointment page would then display a single Service and you would only have to select a room to view the available dates/times available

    I appreciate this is still 25 choices but it will split them into better manageable chunks of 5 choices per page

    I hope this helps

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Karen,

    Thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile:

    @pxwn, not at all! Thanks chiming in with the awesome explanation there.

    Karen, would Steve's solution suit your needs? As he mentions, would make them into more manageable chunks.

    If not, just let me know and we'll look for other alternative solutions :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • Karen
    • WordPress Warrior

    Thank you both..

    I just need to sit and think about it and wrap my head around it...I am just solving another issue with the my main site with a plugin that is causing grief so this is next on the list.

    Will get back to you and let you know, but I am sure you'll have done a good job of untangling what I am trying to do!


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