Displaying all sites by default, shortcodes, or maybe an API?


I just want to start off by saying I’ve been trying to search for other topics like this one, but the WPMU search feature seems to be broken. It doesn’t matter what terms I search for, the same two results always come up. So my apologies if this has been answered elsewhere!

Onwards to my scenario>>

I’m building out a multisite network where users can sign up and host their comics. To make it easier to find certain comics through the network, I’ve implemented the SITE CATEGORIES plugin to define GENEREs for the comics.

Problem is, what I want to do is have a complete list of ALL the comic sites displayed by default, but the page SITE CATEGORIES generates is a grid of each category, not their contents. Assuming that SITE CATEGORIES doesn’t actually do this, I tried implementing the plugin BLOG DIRECTORY to work alongside it… which does list all the comics on the network by date updated, BUT doesn’t integrate with SITE CATEGORIES. Since they both do essentially the same thing, I’d rather just stick with SITE CATEGORIES and not use BLOG DIRECTORY AT ALL.

Ideally, I want to be able to have a page that lists all comics by date updated, and then allows users to filter those comics based on their genres Quicksand style (well, ok, it doesn’t have to be quicksand, but I would like to not have it function like a newspaper classified section if at all possible).

Which finally brings me to my question>>

Are there shortcodes or a list of calls I can use to create a more custom implementation of SITE CATEGORIES on my website? If so, where can I find this list? Or do I have to dig through the PHP file?

I know I could probably do something like this:

// Call site categories in theme
if (function_exists('site_categories_function')) {

…in order to build my filter, but I don’t have any idea about how to display all the sites without using BLOG DIRECTORY.

Any insight you could give me would be very helpful! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: