Displaying categories and tags in the Q&A plugin

Is there a way to display which categories or tags are appearing on the specific page (specific question) in a sidebar. Since a sidebar is out of the loop, I wonder of this is possible. Basically, not listing all the categories and tags, which I know how to do, but listing just the ones appearing in that question.


  • DavidM
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    Hi Jeffrey,

    Assuming you've already copied the included template files to your theme folder, if you take a look at the single-question.php file, you'll see the functions used to display the categories and tags in there. You can customize single-question.php to display the categories and tags on the page where you want them.

    For quick reference, the default single-question.php uses them as follows:

    <?php the_question_category(  __( 'Category:', QA_TEXTDOMAIN ) . ' <span class="question-category">', '', '</span>' ); ?>
    <?php the_question_tags( __( 'Tags:', QA_TEXTDOMAIN ) . ' <span class="question-tags">', ' ', '</span>' ); ?>

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