Displaying conditions not working - still "loading"

Hi, I've installed your plugin, got some notices mentioned in this thread, but the biggest problem is, that your panel in popup edit is not displaying properly - it looks like "still loading" and I can't manage the options. What can I do with it?¨

See attached screenshot and following error in my console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "value"of undefined"  load-skripts.php (74)

 else if (typeof callback == 'object' || typeof callback == 'string') {
      fb.callback = $(callback);
      fb.callback.bind('keyup', fb.updateValue);
      if (fb.callback.get(0).value) { // <- this line produces error

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @Karolina,

    Hope you had a nice weekend :slight_smile:

    I tried replicating the issue you are having but it loads normally on my side.

    Is this happening when you edit/add popup or when you try to add specific condition?

    Are you using multisite or single site installation?

    Also, would you mind allowing support access so we can have a closer look at this?
    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Karolina,

    I hope you're well today!

    My colleague @Predrag Dubajic is at the moment off after his today's shift. Would you mind if I jump into this conversation?

    Maybe, if you can solve it now, I can grant it, but I'm not friend of this...

    The whole point of granting an access is to let us safely access the site without giving us any passwords. There are issues that we can either solve "out of the box" or find a solution after some testing on our own WP installs. However, there's also a lot of other issues that simply cannot be solved this way.

    Why? Because the number of combinations of plugins and themes (and please take into account all the versions of these plugins, themes and even WP itself) is just enormous. This sometimes causes unexpected troubles requiring further investigation and such an investigation can only be run within the environment in question.

    I can assure you that we do our best to make as little changes as possible and we never ever share this access with anyone (apart from our team mates here, if needed). We also do not share any information and data we can find on your site. That's the first and basic rule that's strictly respected here!

    We do however ask members to take a full backup of their sites before granting access. As far as we do our best not to break your site, impossible may happen so taking backup is a basic safety precaution.

    Having said that, I assure you the both me and my colleague Predrag we're here with only one goal: to do everything that's humanly possible to help you. The same applies to all our team.

    However, sometimes we may need to examine your site's setup and even touch its settings in order to do this. I hope this explanation dispels the doubts you may have about the necessity of granting an access in order to gain help and all the security worries :slight_smile:

    Have a really great day and if you need any further assistance (regarding this or any other issue), don't hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to assist!


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