Displaying Custom Post Types with CustomPress on a single page that shows a list of custom posts

So I am doing personal training for young athletes and I created a custom post type called "athletes". I need to be able to enter an athlete and it goes into the database, which it does already, then it needs to automatically be displayed on the athletes page as a list of athletes(will need to style this page). When you click on an athlete it will take them to a page with more information on the athlete with pictures etc. That all will need to be already styled so when information is inputted it will already be formatted and ready to go.

I hope this is clear enough so someone can walk me down this path.

I am familiar with HTML/CSS/JQuery and I am new to wordpress when it comes to building a site. I am using a YooTheme Master Theme. I can style I just need to know how to make things easier for me on the back end instead of making a new page for every athlete that is entered into the system.

Thank you in advance!