Displaying custom posts on multisite homepage - is there a plugin?


I was wondering if one of the many (brilliant) plugins on here would be able to list custom posts from a multisite site on the homepage? I have a listings section that I want to be able to put on the homepage but as the posts are custom 'listings' the 'recent global posts' plugin doesn't seem to find them. Is this possible?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Louise,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Recent Global Posts Widget should actually pick those custom posts up but there'll be some simple additional configuration necessary :slight_smile:

    In order to be able to use Recent Global Posts Widget plugin you must have installed Post Indexer plugin already. Can you confirm that it's active on your site, please (without it Recent Global Posts Widget wouldn't pick up any post from sub-sites of your network)?

    The steps to make it work would be:

    1) Option A

    - go to "Network Admin -> Settings -> Post Indexer -> Global Settings"
    - add your "listings" post type there into the "Default Post Types" text box (make sure that each post type is added as a separate line, no commas or other characters to separate them)
    - switch to "Rebuild Index" and make Post Indexer re-index the content; please note that this may take some time

    Option B - if you wish to index custom posts from selected sub-sites only:

    - go to "Network Admin -> Sites"
    - for each site that you want custom posts to be indexed for, click on "Edit" link in "Indexing" column and select post types to be indexed
    - after you set them all go to "Network Admin -> Settings -> Post Indexer -> Rebuild Index" and make Post Indexer re-index content

    2) Go to the "Appearance -> Widgets" and edit "Recent Global Posts Widget" settings. There's a "Post Type" drop-down list there and it should now contain the "listings" post type so select it from the list and save widget settings.

    It should from now on be showing those custom posts.

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

  • Louise

    I've set this rebuilding so will update with the results. I was wondering though, is there a way of having the whole site indexed so that it appears on the search, but only displaying the posts from one section in the recent global posts widget, or is it all or nothing?

    Alternatively, is there a way of changing how the global posts widget looks? I'm currently using WP Latest Posts Widget to display new posts, and really like the way it looks, but if something similar can be done just using RGPW I would prefer to do that.

    Thanks again!

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