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Please see my event page- http://rcjcreative.com/events/2013/06/selling-your-art-online-seminar/

You'll notice that under "About this Event", to the right of the calendar icon, there are 6 separate lines for each date of the event (it is a 6-series seminar that stretches over 3 weeks).

As you can see, it's visually unappealing to have so many dates listed like that; it throws the format off on the page.

It's important to have all of the dates loaded into the plugin so that the iCalendar export will be set properly. But it looks bad to have so many dates listed on the event page like it is here.

What I would like to do is to either a.) remove all of these dates from the event page (note this is NOT the same as not loading the dates; as I mentioned, I need the dates loaded so that the iCalendar export works right) or b.) have it read something like "From June 11- June 27th". I would much prefer Option B.

Before you answer this question, please know the following:

I'm aware that I can go into the PHP files and simply delete the line from the code that displays the calendar info on the event page. But that will make it so that all future events won't have this line, which isn't a tenable solution to this problem.

Please advise on whether or not there is a setting within the plugin that I can change to fix this, OR if not, if there is a way to change the code so that for THIS EVENT ONLY the line is deleted / changed to "June 11- June 27".

Thanks much for your help!

  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately there isn't an option in the settings to change this behaviour.

    This would require some custom coding in the plugin templates to achieve what you want. I was looking to see if there's a CSS way, but doesn't look like there is.

    you wouldn't need to edit the loop for the the wpmudevevents-date display.

    however, this would change it for the rest of the events too, i suppose in the template it could be set to only do the changes if that specific event_id is set. but again this would require some custom coding.

    you might be able to find a developer to do this over at wpmu-jobs.

    I can also move this to the features & feedback section, if there's enough interest it could be added to a future release, or some options for styling anyway.

    hope this helps

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