Displaying Overview of ALL created Pages impossible

Hi Support-Team,

we do need urgently your help as we have the issue that only on one sub domain by sudden does display only a few of existing pages we created (out of in total 38).

What we did

- clear browser cache
- clear WP Super cache
- reset of permalink

but all didn't troubleshot this issue. To clarify this support request we attach screenshot.

Support access is granted.


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi @Prinz

    Hope you've been keeping well. Its been a while since I saw your site.

    I just looked in now. I could spot the issue you described in the ticket and I think its a conflict with the Events and Bookings post type. It could be some other custom post type as well but one of the custom types are over writing default page behaviour.

    Can you please remove those and check ? Add back one by one when there are not much visitors to the site


  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Jude,

    how nice hearing from you again (missed you a bit).

    Hello Kasia,

    hope you are well again and did not suffer much.

    BIG Thanks for following up at this thread and helping us out once again.

    Frankly... actually we experience a massive failure at our entire application (which makes us very sad despite all those extra delays we get through this circumstance) which occurred by Ultimate Branding... and effects obvious all you can think of despite that most of our portal was already running smoothly.

    Your colleague Predrag - and he flagged top level support as well - is tracking step-by-step our BotBO portal (so far he figured out .htaccess and wp-config problems )to fix hassles we have. You'll certainly agree we should let them do their troubleshooting without interruption...

    In short: we have to postpone (without closing this thread) your kind support until we get get from Predrag the okay to go ahead.

    Please inform Predrag - using your short inhouse channel - about this issue, and if you don't mind let him also know that we already have a looooooong list with NEW issues (obvious all as a result of Ultimate Branding failure) too.

    BIG thanks once again.
    Until then

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