Displaying widget content sitewide

I am using this theme with multisite. I'm not clear how to control what displays in the sidebars of all blogs on the site. For example, I have the Recent Posts Widget plugin installed and working. Dragging into the many sidebar widget areas doesn't make it display on the blogs. I have the same question regarding controlling what displays in the footers of all the blogs.Essentially, what's the difference in displaying content on the main site versus the other blogs.


  • Tammie

    @Cosmo_McMoon: Just to clarify what should happen with widgets. There are several widget areas but they are specific to each blog so for instance you won't have them work for all blogs as in it's specific to each blog. For instance set up on blog a the search widget in blog section it will only show for that blog section. Now you can using new blog template I've been informed set this up from start but users could change - you could use something like that though with batch create to get multiple sites the same. Out of the box so to speak no it doesn't work that way though.

    Just let me know though if that's not what you are referring to and I've got the wrong end of the stick there. Also please confirm it works for the blog you are on as if the widgets are not working for that one we have to have a bit of a deeper look at your site and a link would really help.

  • Cosmo_McMoon

    I did manage to get this widget displaying in the sidebar of the main site but it's not displaying any listings -- eg: here

    I should post a question about this in the forum area related to this widget, I imagine, since it's not about your theme.

    My other question was also not specifically about your theme, I see now. As a beginner I am confused about what I can display automatically on all the other blogs in the multisite setup.I wish to display widgets, ads, text blocks etc in the sidebar and in the footer of new blogs. From what you are saying this would be technically difficult, which I find surprising, Perhaps there are plugins to manage this?


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