Displaying widgets on the home page in positions Home Box Left, Center and Right

Hi all,

First, is there actual documentation for the Nelo theme that I can check out?

Second, I’m trying to figure out if there is a difference between the custom home page image settings and the three widget containers: “Home Box Left” “Home Box Center” and “Home Box Right.”

I have content in each of the home page image settings.

And now I’m wanting to add widgets below them. But all the screen shots just show examples of three boxes at the bottom of the home page, without explaining if these are widgets or custom home page settings.

I have been adding various widgets to the Home Box Left, center and right and nothing shows up on the home page, so this is adding to my confusion.

Third: I tried deleting lines 127-161 in the header.php file as referenced in another post and the widgets still did not appear on the home page (box left, box center, box right) as expected

Thanks for your help.