DMCA takedown concerns for Multisite?

Hi guys,

I recently had a cloud server on digital ocean. On the server I was developing a wpmu.

At the same time I created a site for a client. Apparently the client violated copyright and company issued a DMCA complaint to DO.

My entire droplet was taken down without notice.

Guilty until proven innocent apparently.

DO allowed me to access my data, but it was a huge ordeal.

Thank goodness I did not have a lot of users yet on the wpmu.

The issue got resolved and we put the sites back up on different servers.

DMCA jurisdiction is pretty much EVERYWHERE in the free world. Even countries that you would think are safe, the hosting companies comply with takedown without any process.

After much research, it appears the only "safe" hosting I could find is something like in Iceland.

As you might imagine, load times are not acceptable.

What if any one wpmu user violates copyright and takes down my entire network?

I cannot risk this.

I would be happy to have a host simply notify me so I can remove the offending wpmu user site BUT

they shoot and ask questions later.

Has anyone dealt with this and does anyone have any hosting recommendations.