I have 70 some odd pages named like this.

The IP is pointed to the main domain. How can I rename. them to main domain name verses the IP #?


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    Unless you are using a mod_rewrite with a redirect the first guess I would have is that there is a DNS error in how it resolves the IP to domain in the A Record...The only other way I could think it to be happening is if you have the IP address instead of domain in the Dashboard under "settings" "general Settings" if this is set to the actual domain name and it is still going to your ip and ~homedirectoryname then there is something not right in the dns settings, if you are being hosted I would ask their support to look into this for you unless you are on an unmanaged server in which case let me know and I will do some further investigation and help you get it corrected.

    Hope this helps

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    I think the simple answer is this:
    1. Export the database via phpmyadmin in sql format
    2. Make a copy of the original file
    3. Do a search and replace (search for ip and replace with domain) on the copy and save it
    4. Use phpmyadmin and delete all tables
    5. Import the copied file you did a search and replace on

    If it breaks for some odd reason, just delete all tables and import the original file.

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    We haven't heard from you on this for long. Have you got this sorted out ? If yes, then its a great news and we would love to read what you did to get this fixed.

    I am going to mark this thread as resolved, in case you haven't got it sorted out, please go ahead and mark this topic as open and we would be here to assist you :slight_smile:


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