DNS issue with Domain mapping plugin

Dear Support

I have read the different articles on how to setup the DNS but I get stuck in this config.
1. I am on a shared server by SiteGround.
2. My main domain is delcourt.me.
3. I have added the domain crea3.com.
4. I have installed SSL (wildcard certificate) and WordPress MU.
5. I have changed the DNS of the domain babysitterservice.org (they are now the one of the SiteGround DNS servers)
6. I have created the subdomain babysitterservice.crea3.com (subdomain + SSL) and created the subsite in WordPress MU
7. I have installed the plugin WordPress MU Domain Mapping, set the IP address of the server
8. I have configures the domain babysitterservice.org to be mapped with the sub-domain babysitterservice.crea3.com
9. I have added a wildcard A record for the domain crea3.com (A *.crea3.com. <Server IP>:wink:
10. I have added a A record for localhost (A localhost .crea3.com. <Server IP>:wink:
11. I have added a A record for the sub-domain (A babysitterservice.crea3.com. <Server IP>:wink:
12. I have added a CNAME for babysitterservice.org (www.babysitterservice.org. 14400 IN CNAME babysitterservice.crea3.com)
All those settings have been done for more than 48 hours now.
... but it still does not work.

Can you tell me what I do wrong?

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,