Do you have a Thorough set instructions or the database plugin as the plugin doesn’t say anything about what the options are, for instance

whilst in the general setting page on initial setup can the option be changed later to be more suitable to individual listing

Media manager: enable full media manager for feature image uploads

that sentence does not relay what this option does exactly

This doesn’t tell me what this option does or why i would want to activate or de activate it

Display count in parent categories:? not sure what this is either

Count of categories:? not very clear either is this for individual listing or will this limit that total amount of categories for the whole site

Count of sub-category:? again not clear

Display count for sub categories: not clear

Empty sub-category:

Pagination position: not clear

Pagination Range not clear

I have read this but again ity just sort of skims opver the meaning of the item and does not clearly explain alot of things

i am hoping that alot of the settings can be modded to suit each individual listiung even if it neeeds custom coding do i have that options?