Do WMPU no longer have marketpress themes ?

Do WPMU no longer have themes for Marketpress ?
I seem to remember them having some before they started in on this upfront stuff, upfront is cool i guess, but it is terrible for marketpress, unfortunately i am not so much of a coder, so i was hoping for something a bit more useful than upfront.

  • Flexinoodle

    No disrespect meant, but Marketpress does not work with upfront, yes it may install and yes you may be able to build a store that looks a complete mess and works, but lets be fair here, who wants a store that is a complete mess, like i said, i am no coder, so i am looking at it from that point of view, and upfront while marketed as drag and drop is imply not drag n drop, to get anything usable out of it you have to hack the hell out of it (I am not just going by my own experience here, i can point you to plenty of people in this forum who do not think it is worth using upfront for anything right now)

    But thanks for letting me know there are no Marketpress themes anymore, i will post with specific issues if i dont just decide to use a better supported commerce plugin from elsewhere, cheers

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