Do Facebook Connect + Buddypress 1.51 user registrations work for anyone?

I brought up this topic in several threads but didn't get any answers. I tried to get user registrations to work with Wordpress 3.2.1. Buddypress 1.51 and Ultimate Fb 1.41. It didn't work. I tried it with new installs on two different servers and only those plugins running.

People are sent back to the /register/ page without getting registered. The join option does work but to have only join is not an option because I want people to be able to register with or without Facebook (and to only use the join options I would have to disable user registrations all together).

Can anyone please confirm if it works for them? I simply want to know if something is awkward with my server configurations or whatever or if this is simply a bug (which I think it is). Plus if this turns out to be a bug it is a major bug and is hopefully fixed.