Do I activate these plugins ever?

So I went through the installation process without any errors:

The instructions ended a bit abrupt for me, so I'm left pondering. What do I do to clean up this install? I still haven't technically enabled any part of this plugin

The move-blogs.php file is still sitting in my wp-content directory, which I don't feel comfortable with people being able to access it. What files can I delete and which plugins do I need to activate? I assume that I have to network activate something..

  • jayvega

    I uploaded the plugin into the plugins folder just as a holding location. The db.php and the db-config.php are in the wp-content directory.

    move-blogs.php is also in the wp-content directory, as it was stated it's not required for it to be in the scripts folder.

    I'm a solid php developer with lots of mysql experience, I'm confident that everything is setup properly. I'm just not familiar with WP drop-ins, and I though that drop-ins had to be specified in wp-config. So I'm wondering, which file is being activated with each index.php call.

    I assume that I can delete the files from within the plugin folder and delete the move-blogs.php file as well. So that would mean that only the db and db-config files remain. Are these being automatically included into the rendering of wp?

  • Mason

    Hiya jayvega,

    Yes, leave the db.php and db-config.php files in place. The move-blogs.php file can all be removed once the operation has been completed.

    When WordPress see's the new db.php file it actually must use it as a replacement for the default db.php file included - and of course depends on the config file for it's settings.

    Hope this helps. It looks like you've got everything else you need.


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