Do I get a confirmation email from Protected Content?

Still having issues trying to get Protected Content to work for me...

I signed up as a test user, using another browser, and all seemed well - until I got a message saying "Your request to join the membership was successfully received! The Payment Gateway could take a couple of minutes to process and return the payment status."
... but I never got an email confirmation message or got any information regarding a payment status. Note: this is a free membership level.

I did see that a new user was been created in WordPress, and that new member also showed up in the members list for the plugin.
I then tried to access the Account page (called Signup in the site menu), which asked me to login. I entered my Username and password, and got a "Please wait..." message - but I was never able to login. It just hung.

Where am I going wrong?

I've granted support access in the admin dashboard.