Do I have to enable multisite in order to use pro-site, or can I do a "regular" wordpress

Do I have to enable multisite in order to use pro-site, or can I do a “regular” wordpress install, then install pro-site? I would like to have a site exactly like edublogs but not same theme/topic (for reference). please be as specific as possible for me. Thank you!

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    Hi @grace,

    Welcome onboard to WPMU Dev! You will need to have a Multisite installation to run Pro Sites. Pro Sites allows you to sell individual site/blogs with different levels and features. It’s because you are selling “sites/blogs” that you will need multisite installation. If you are trying to sell just content then you should have a look at the Membership plugin. To get started with a multisite I would look at . There are many little details (e.g. Subdomain vs. Subdirectory Edublogs uses Subdomain) and if you need some help along the way don’t hesitate to ask. Help that helps!


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    Right here! :slight_smile: to setup a you will need to setup a wildcard domain with your host. To do that you will add a subdomain to your host with an “*” so it will be like *.YOURDOMAIN.COM. That asterisk allows WordPress to control the subdomains. I would double check with your host to make sure they support Wildcard DNS. I personally prefer a subdirectory installation because it’s a lot cheaper to do things like SSL (a secure web setup) and it’s actually considered only to be one site. If you want all of the detail tech documentation that outlines everything you need to know before you start look at

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    Greetings Grace,

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    Xavier is spot on here with his recommendations though I personally prefer sub domain MultiSites rather then sub directories with the exception of possibly a shopping center or some other site that requires or would be better off with an SSL connection.

    Though Xavier is also right about the sub directory site is seen as a single site, the disadvantage is one rogue site and the entire network of sites pays the price. i.e. one rogue site that Google decides to de-list and the whole network is de-listed rather then just one sub domain.

    Neither Xavier’s or my suggestions are necessarily the “right” one in a blanket statement, the right one depends on the intended use of the site.

    @xaviemirmon great input there as always. Some rep points sent your way.

    Thank you both for being WPMU Dev Community Members!

    Cheers, Joe

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