Do I have to upgrade in order to put a theme into my store

Do I have to upgrade in order to put a theme into my store settings!??

At the dropdown box for choosing a theme under Presentation and General it says (in bold red letters) above the drop down box in the store style section it says: “upgrade to enable all styles”.

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    Hey @stanley!

    Welcome to WPMU DEV and the forum. Glad to have you aboard!

    It looks like you only purchased Merchant Services, correct? If so, you would not have to upgrade in order to sell themes you have created. If you are trying to sell WPMU DEV themes or themes others have created, you may want to be VERY sure that you understand the licensing terms and not violate your agreement.

    Tell us more about what you are trying to do.



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    Hey @stanley,

    It sounds like you might be using the Lite version of MarketPress, and not the full version which you’ve paid for.

    MarketPress doesn’t have “themes” but has a few basic choices for styling options. MarketPress will work great in any theme, but these choices give you a bit more flexibility when it comes to matching your WordPress theme’s style.

    If you’re running the full version, nothing should be disabled. You can safely delete the lite version, and your settings will be retained when you install the full version.

    Best regards,

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