do I HAVE to use marketpress to sell courses? also,

do I HAVE to use marketpress to sell courses? also, is multisite required if i want students to be able to communicate? what advantage would using multisite provide that non multi site would not specifically in regards to coursepress?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @PhilMay,

    Yes you will need to use the MP plugin to accept payments for the courses.

    You don’t actually need multisite for students to communicate with each other, if you have buddypress installed they can use buddypress to communicate and send messages to each other. or with the chat plugin we have, used alongside buddypress, students can chat to each other if they are on their buddy/friends list via the chat plugin,

    The coursepress plugin also has integration for chat too, so this would be a possible solution for chatting.

    There is also an option when setting up a course that you can enable course discussions. This works like a Q&A though, so wouldn’t be a private one on one discussion, it’s a bit like a forum Q&A on each course page.

    Hope this helps

  • PhilMay
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    ok very good to know :slight_smile:. Is it possible to use static pages for certain pages like “Courses List”? I find the “blog post” format to be very unprofessional, and since the page is dynamic I can not add other elements outside of coursepress i.e theme shortcode or even select a default sidebar.

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