Do I need an upgrade?


Support, I posted on this yesterday, and they indicated that I need to talk to billing.

Can I please get the details for billing or have this support request sent to billing (see below for details), or even the link sent to me to follow this up with.



Am very excited to start playing with and using WPMU as we are creating an Co.Lab (collaboration labratory) which is an office of the future integrating web and sensors and media at the Centre for Creative Collaboration – funded by University of London, EU, with 16 partner universities.

Anyway, I took advantage of the 50% off offer but now I dont have access to all the plugins, I have a message that I need to upgrade. So I went to upgrade (for a month) to test out WPMU but now I have to pay full price.

Am I missing something here? I very much hope to get a years membership but need to test a few things out.

Please advise me on how ti navigate your sign up and pay options.

Best Regards,