do I need buddypress for Classifieds plugin? Can I charge for certain categories?

I wanted to make a site like craigslist where people can sell stuff and have different categories like on Craigslist. Do I need to have buddypress of multisite to do this? I also wanted to have a section where people can post their services they offer but charge a fee for posting on that section, what plugins would I need to do this or can i do all of this with just Classifieds plugin?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Eli,

    I hope you're having a nice day today!

    Nor the BuddyPress plugin, neither Multisite install is needed to use our Classifieds plugin. Surely, BuddyPress may add a lot of nice features to your entire site but it's not a must and Classifieds will work just fine on a standard single WordPress install.

    As for payments.

    Classifieds does support payments out of the box, however it includes only a simple gateway that allows you to charge one-time or recurring payments via PayPal or AuthorizeNet. It's not possible to "mix" free and payed listings (it's either payed or free) and to charge for selected categories only.

    There is however a way to overcome this. I'd recommend our Membership 2 Pro plugin. With built-in Classifieds payments disabled (set to "Free Listings) you could protect selected listing categories with Membership 2 protection rules and then use Membership 2 features to charge users for allowing them to post in certain categories (however this will not let you charge for every single listing they add, instead they'd pay for example for a day- or week-long access).

    I hope that helps!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Eli!

    If a user signs up for a one month subscription he/she will be able to use Classifieds (therefore post ads) during this month and after that month he'll be no longer able to do this. However, this doesn't mean that the ad will be deleted automatically.

    The Classifieds plugin however include a feature that allows you to grant a defined number of points (credits) to the user upon sign up. These credits than can be used to "pay" for placing ads and you can define the "weekly credits cost" of an add. The scenario could be like this:

    1. User signs up, selecting "Monthly classifieds" membership and pays e.g $10
    2. Upon sign up user is automatically granted 10 credits
    3. One ad for one week is worth e.g. 1 credit
    4. During the month of his/her subscription, user can spend these 10 credits e.g. to place 3 x 3 weeks ads + 1 x 1 week ad.
    5. After subscription comes to an and, user is no more able to place ads
    6. Ads expire respectively 3 weeks and 1 week after they were posted, regardless whether the user still holds an active subscription or not.

    The drawback here is that user may want to renew the subscription or e.g. select another one (e.g. worth $20). In such case either you'd need to remove his/her account so he/she would sign up again (just like a new member) which would have to be done manually or since Membership 2 plugin features an API you may go for a custom coding job and it should be relatively easy to create a function that would grant additional credits to the renewing user.

    If you'd like to work on such custom code yourself and have any questions regarding API or plugin's code, feel free to ask. Otherwise, you may want to ask for a "custom crafted" solution on our "Jobs & Pros" job board here:

    Please note that no WPMU DEV staff is allowed to answer you there, however I'm sure you'd get a reasonable quote in no-time.


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